Calibration Services

Links 2000  committed, reliable and skilled team is not only able to manufacture high-quality measuring and calibration technology, they can also offer complete solutions that meet customers’ needs exactly.
Calibration ensures that instrument measurement is accurate and within the limits required to produce a quality product. This helps reduce overall business costs by minimizing quality fluctuations and associated costs. For some processes, periodic calibration to NIST standards is a requirement to comply with both quality and safety standards. We can help you stay in compliance while reducing your costs and increasing process up-time.

Pressure Calibration


Temperature Calibration


Volume Calibration

Diminssion Calibation

Dead Weight Tester

Weighing scale calibration

Weighbridge Calibration

Lab Instrument calibration

Digital MultimeterMulti-Function CalibratorClamp MeterAmmeter / VoltmeterInsulation TesterTachometer (non-contact)
Loop CalibratorAC/DC Power SupplyAnalogue & Digital MeterEarth TesterDecade Resistance BoxClamp Meter
Clamp On-Hi TesterCapacitance BoxCurrent ProbeCurrent ClampDigital MultimeterDigital Earth Tester
Energy MeterFunction GeneratorFrequency MeterFrequency CounterVolt MeterTimer
Scope MeterSystem ControlRCD MeterResistivity MeterPower Supply FunctionsPower Meter
Phase IndicatorPhase DetectorOscilloscopeMilliohmeterMegaohmeterMulti Function Calibrator
Multi Function MeterLoggerLCR MeterLoop CalibratorInduction BoxHigh Voltage Generator
Temperature Controller / IndicatorTemperature Sensor (RTD, Thermocouple)Temperature TransmitterTemperature Calibrator (liquid & dry block)
Glass ThermometerFreezerFurnaceChamber
Chart RecorderAnalog GaugeHot Air OvenTemperature Recorder (Chart/Digital)
Water BathIncubatorDeep FreezerBi-Metal Thermocouple
Thermometer (Glass/Digital/Wet, Dry &IR)Thermo Switch / ThermostatMuffle FurnaceRefrigerator
Heating Bath / BlockTemperature GaugeTemperature Pen RecorderTemperature & Humidity Meter
Temperature SwitchesTemperature TransducerThermo-hygrographTotal – Immersion Glass Thermometer
Water BathSurface ThermometerPyrometerThermocouple Thermometer
Oil BathThermocouple ProbeThermo-hygrometerInfrared Thermometer
Pressure Transmitter, Pressure TransducerAir Velocity MeterPressure Chart RecorderTemperature Calibrator (liquid & dry block)
Digital Pressure GaugeHigh Pressure GaugeHook GaugesAnemometer
Dead Weight TesterPressure CalibratorsCompound GaugeFlow Transmitter
Low Pressure GaugeDifferential PressureGram GaugePressure Switches
ManometerPressure, Vacuum, Compound GaugesChart RecorderBarometer